About BRF

My commitment to my art is total and a way to make public an expressively intimate part of myself. This is a new world and new way to connect intimately with people – to interact and involve myself with an audience so that my artistic creations can become a more engaging shared experience. Let’s make magic happen together.

– Brent Ray Fraser


  • Early Influence

    Like so many other kids, I grew up happily finger-painting but the habit never left me. Why would anyone want to limit their interaction with art and art-making – creativity flows from every pore and part of myself and I just get carried along by its raw and fluid energy.

  • The Ways of Paint

    I love the smell of paint, the way it oozes through my hands and gets all over my body. I like when my art-making is a completely immersive experience and I come away from it feeling both drained and revived.

  • Evoking Elation

    Ecstasy comes not from the completion of a piece but the journey in its creation. With all my art, I want to inspire that good energy.

  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    I have lots of supporters who find me just through the Internet and I think of it as a rabbit hole open to many adventures. And like the rabbit hole that Alice went down into her own Wonderland, things keep getting “curiouser and curiouser”.

Find out how you can get Brent Ray Fraser to make the perfect piece of original art for you and your space.

The Silo Studio

Take a tour of the famed Silo Studio and get your own inside look at Brent Ray Fraser’s creative sanctum and nerve center.  A work of art in and of itself, the Silo Studio sports Brent’s own personal collection of inspirational curios and oddities – a virtual treasure trove of strange wonders!

Art Showcase

See the vast variety of diverse artworks by Brent Ray Fraser!

Here in Brent Ray Fraser’s Art Showcase you can browse your way through a cavalcade of awesome artworks and curious creations, each offering a unique glance into Brent’s inner artistry and craft.  From exploding floral arrangements to paint splattered portraits, incendiary idols and amazing abstractions, there’s much more to explore and expose no matter what your artistic taste.

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