Take a Peek Into BRF’s Salacious Creative Sanctum

Many artists utilize the space where they live or where they can find it, often within their own neighbourhood, and when Brent took over a two-storey converted grain silo on a farm in Langley, B.C in 2005 “The Silo Studio” creation began, and it has become one of his greatest masterpieces to date.

Creative Confines

A liveable sculpture, decorated with sophisticated realism perfectly juxtaposed with childlike fantasy, it houses his many eclectic, and inspirational collections. It is his sacred place, and for an artist who is such an introvert, whose work is so overtly sexual and revealing in nature, it is the perfect place for him to feel protected and secure.

Art studio spaces of other artists become iconic extensions of themselves, Warhol had his original Factory (often referred to as the Silver Factory) decorated entirely in silver. BRF puts his own style into “The Silo Studio”, possibly inspired by Warhol when he covers the walls and ceiling space with reclaimed muffin tins he finds in various vintage shops.

Ten years of development, and changes have turned “The Silo Studio” into a viable living space, and the hottest webcam and painting performance studio on the planet!

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